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Year 2018
21 Aug21 August

A fresh approach

Jan-Hein Hemke, Managing Director of Facilicom UK, says that great cleaning is no longer enough to just keep leisure and hospitality facilities clean and safe: to be successful, commercial cleaners...

15 Aug15 August

Blog | A world lesson in leadership

It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, the nation was gripped by World Cup fever. Despite my home nation failing to qualify for the tournament this time, I was very happy for all of my E...

9 Jul 9 July

Blog | People - a powerful asset

At Facilicom, we believe people make all the difference – they are our prime asset and we are proud of the high job satisfaction rates, the low absenteeism, and the notable length of service amon...

11 Jun11 June

Record year for contract wins at Facilicom

Facilicom UK’s latest annual report reveals the company – which comprises Facilicom Cleaning Services and Trigion Security – achieved a record year for new contracts in 2017.

3 Jun 3 June

10 questions with... Jan Hein Hemke

In each issue we ask an FM professional the Tomorrow’s FM 10 questions. This month we spoke to Jan-Hein Hemke, Managing Director of Facilicom UK

31 May31 May

Blog | A lot to be thankful for

For many years cleaning operatives have all too often been undervalued by the people they clean for and the wider public. The idea that cleaning is a profession is dismissed by many despite the ext...

27 Apr27 April

Blog | The best of intentions, but...

Facilicom UK, like all businesses employing over 250 people, has recently had to publish gender pay gap reports. Ours are on the Facilicom and Trigion websites for those who are interested. While I...

2 Apr 2 April

The robots are coming, but not for our jobs

If you believe everything you read, you could be under the impression that a job apocalypse is looming and robots will be making us all redundant in the near future, but that’s not how Trigion Se...

28 Mar28 March

Moving heat sources spotted in yards

With the recent value of scrap metal heading upwards, dealers are turning to more advanced security solutions to combat theft and yard break-ins.Security specialist Trigion is providing high-tech s...

31 Jan31 January

Blog | Climate change and a lot of hot air

The start of 2018 has seen a torrent of wild weather hitting not just the UK and Ireland, but northern Europe and the United States. Strong winds and snow may not be unusual at this time of year, b...

9 Jan 9 January

Blog | Simple and effective

In business, and perhaps life in general, people are often seeking the next ‘big idea’, something that will change lives. This is a commendable way to ensure progress, but it’s worth remember...

Year 2017
20 Dec20 December

Blog | ‘Tis the season to be jolly, but...

If you turn on the radio the majority of songs will be letting you know that ‘this is the most wonderful time of the year’. That is undoubtedly the case for many people. For some it’s the rel...

20 Nov20 November

Blog | European awards highlight cleaning excellence

I was privileged to attend this year’s European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards in Rome last week. The awards highlight and celebrate the innovation, diversity and excellence in our sector all across...

19 Oct19 October

Blog | Remember, remember the 5th of November

The original rhyme ‘Remember, remember the 5th of November’ commemorates, of course, the 1605 plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament. This year though we’re hoping the date will mark the st...