Blog | Recognising the people behind our success

16 February 2021

Recognising hard work and celebrating success is an absolute staple of workforce wellbeing. After all, not everyone is just in a job for the money. Of course, they want to be able to pay the bills and enjoy life, but many find satisfaction in appreciation, and thrive on recognition. 

Outstanding work deserves praise, but all too often, businesses get too wrapped up in results and forget to thank those that made them happen.  

As an employer of hundreds of people across the UK, we have a duty to ensure that each and every individual has the opportunity to shine, and one of the ways we do this is through the Facilicom Awards. 

Each quarter, we call for nominations for an individual or team that has excelled in some way. It is always so inspiring to read through these entries and it’s often a very hard task to pick just one quarterly winner. 

Over the past 12-months, my colleagues really have outdone themselves. Many have remained on the frontline throughout the pandemic, putting their own concerns to one side to get the job done. They’ve played a vital role in battling the virus and it hasn’t gone unnoticed, both by the business and our clients. 

Take our cleaning team at a well-known school, for example. They worked tirelessly to implement the new COVID guidelines and introduced a number of infection control measures to keep staff and pupils safe throughout the pandemic. They received glowing praise from the client and scooped our Q1 award as a result. 

Then there is Avis Carpenter, our Q2 winner, who was recognised by the client for her diligence in touch-point cleaning, and willingness to go the extra mile to keep the site COVID-free.

My colleagues Diane Hancock and Marie Handcock also secured a quarterly award, after their quick and innovative thinking saw cleaning services continue at a major client site, despite eight members of their team having to self-isolate due to coronavirus. 

And finally there’s our team at a large paper mill, who not only took home the Q4 award, but were also crowned the overall winners in a live vote at our virtual annual kick-off meeting in January. The mill had to halt production very suddenly to allow a full decontamination to take place. The team pulled out all the stops for the client, cleaning and sanitising the entire site within 30 hours – a job that would usually take seven days. 

Our annual kick off meeting was an opportunity to share these successes, and challenges overcome, from the past year. The event was made even more special, as we spread some much-needed happiness, laughter and joy with special celebrity guest, comedian, Lucy Porter. Our company motto, ‘happy people make happy people’ is very much alive and well, despite these extremely challenging times. 

We cannot afford to take those that go above and beyond for granted. After all, it is these people that make a business a real success.

Jan Hein Hemke
Managing Director at Facilicom UK & Ireland