Blog | People - a powerful asset

9 July 2018

At Facilicom, we believe people make all the difference – they are our prime asset and we are proud of the high job satisfaction rates, the low absenteeism, and the notable length of service amongst our colleagues. I have been with the company since 1999, but many more colleagues have exceeded my ‘mere’ 19 years!

Respect and integrity in the way people interact with each other are basic principles. The low turnover within our management team especially, means we can offer our colleagues a strong culture, with firm values and principles, and ultimately, a sense of belonging. But sometimes, as in all companies, colleagues do bid us goodbye.

This is no bad thing. In my opinion, there is no ideal ‘turnover’ rate – it is a constant balancing act. On one hand, long-serving colleagues who ‘know the ropes’ and what we stand for are a valuable asset. They can help bed in newer colleagues, and already understand how we work with customers. On the other, there is always room for new blood. I particularly admire young people, who join us with fresh ideas, and look at the world from a different perspective.

The growth of our company offers us the opportunity to combine these two powerful assets. Growth also offers colleagues variety, which is a big motivator for job satisfaction. We try to match our people to their ambition, pointing them in whichever direction is appropriate, whether that be upwards, sideways, or stationary – some people have no desire to progress to the top! This may sound strange, but as well as respecting their decision, we recognise that they make up the solid foundations to our company and are highly valued members of the team.

All of our colleagues are offered training, and given room to grow as individuals – the importance of this must not be underestimated! One of our ambitious company goals is to become the employer of choice in the industry; training and changes to develop and fulfil aspirations is an essential part of this.

Of course, the primary driver to bind colleagues to a company, particularly for our colleagues on the front line executing the work, is the financial remuneration. First and foremost, their salary has to put a roof over their head and food on the table, which is why we are Living Wage Recognised Service Providers. We are passionate about ensuring our people receive a fair pay that reflects the real cost of living, and firmly believe that if you can raise people to the Living Wage, they will be much more likely to stay.

Jan Hein Hemke,
Managing Director at Facilicom UK & Ireland