Blog | Kicking off an inspirational new decade

14 February 2020

They say knowledge is power. And it certainly is. Sharing insights with each other leads to stronger collaboration and better teamwork. I’m a firm believer in communicating our learnings and being transparent when it comes to business.

One way we practice what we preach at Facilicom is by hosting our annual Kick Off meeting, which sees all our colleagues come together for a day of celebration and future gazing. We have people scattered across the breadth of the country and Ireland so it’s a fantastic opportunity to get everyone in one room to discuss personal pledges, common goals and aspirations. It also provides me with the chance to personally deliver business news to every employee, regardless of their position, at the same time. We share everything with everyone, from profit and performance to growth plans and expansion.

Each year we set an inspiring theme and this year it was ‘you can make a difference’. So often, people still think of obstacles, rather than solutions, and it prevents them from achieving so much. We never want our colleagues to feel held back, so this year we challenged them to flip the mind-set and rather than finding barriers, to be the solution. To adopt an “I can” attitude and empower them to contribute to the direction of the business and shape our culture.

To showcase what can be achieved when people tackle work with a positive attitude, we held our annual awards ceremony that morning, which was an opportunity to recognise those that had delivered outstanding work. Our operations Director, Peter Buff, proudly presented Jean Lamour, Ashleigh John, Anne Innes, Sandra Offord and David Oliver with quarterly Facilicom awards. David also took home the Employee of the Year Award for his inspiring leadership and great client service. 

Prior to the event, we had asked each employee to make a pledge on how they can make Facilicom better. It was an opportunity for our colleagues to highlight what is important to them and it was a great moment to hear such positivity coming from every corner of the business. From vowing to support their manager and delivering exceptional client service, to improving peer communication and promoting wellbeing, there were some fantastic ideas that will help drive the business forward.

We finished the day with a talk from our guest speaker, Michael McGrath. As the first disabled person to lead expeditions to the North and South Poles, his story of leadership, courage and resilience in the face of adversity was truly inspiring. He talked to us about how he overcame his obstacles to break down barriers and create opportunity and adventure. His story was moving and inspirational, showing that, when you adopt a ‘can do’ attitude, you can achieve great things.

Today, Facilicom remains a family owned company. We live and breathe by our founding principles of transparency and honesty, which is why we share our successes, failures and ambitions with every single member of our growing workforce. As we embark on a new decade of business, I am incredibly proud to lead a company that stands shoulder to shoulder with its colleagues, united and ready to take on 2020 as one team. 

Jan Hein Hemke
Managing Director at Facilicom UK & Ireland