Blog | Holidays and well-being

21 August 2018

The numbers of employees across offices and workplaces can be somewhat depleted at this time year as people go on their annual summer holidays. However, according to the Trades Union Congress (TUC), one in 12 workers does not take the time off work that they should.

Taking time off is not only important for health and wellbeing, but is also good for business. People who do not take their holidays put themselves at risk of burn-out, stress and mental health issues. A break from work boosts mind and body and offers the chance to refresh and recharge your batteries, often putting people in a more creative frame of mind too. This means that employees who do use their annual leave tend to be more productive, perform better in their duties and are better equipped to deal with stressful situations.

Despite the huge benefits of taking a break, some workers find it difficult to take their annual leave. Here at Facilicom, people are our prime asset and we positively encourage all of our colleagues to use their holiday. However, it is important to plan leave carefully. This not only ensures that people are booking and using their entitlement, but also avoids allowing too many colleagues to have annual leave at the same time, which can place additional pressure on the remaining staff.

Regular monitoring of employees’ annual leave balance and reminders to use their holiday also helps prevent an excessive amount of leave building up to take at the end of the leave year.

We also recognise that it is important to lead by example. If your leader tends not to take holidays and works all hours, this may infiltrate into the company culture, where employees feel there may be career ramifications, if they take too much of their annual leave.

Similarly, modern technology has made it all too easy – and tempting – to be available whilst on annual leave. Taking calls and checking emails prevent people from being fully able to switch off and relax, and can even negatively influence a person’s perception of their partner and his / her work. Being on holiday and taking a break should mean exactly that, and is another example of where a leader should ‘walk the talk’.

This is something I strive to do – indeed, one of the advantages of a recent mountaineering trip was that I simply could not be available! However, careful planning should create trust and confidence to take a real break, whatever the destination.

At Facilicom we are proud of our strong and healthy culture, and so all colleagues, regardless of their position in the company, are encouraged to take their holidays, and switch off completely, so that they can get some well-earned rest.

If you’re off on holiday soon, we hope you enjoy your break and return physically and mentally refreshed!

Jan Hein Hemke.
Managing Director at Facilicom UK & Ireland