Blog | Bringing out the best in 2021

27 January 2021

Steve Jobs once said, "Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." And he couldn’t be more spot on. Jobs may have pioneered a concept but without his team behind him, he might not have achieved such dizzy heights of success. 

At Facilicom we’ve always put the team first. After all, without them we would be nothing. We rely on them to represent the business and uphold our values, delivering outstanding work, time and time again, to our customers. Our team is incredible. A diverse mix of individuals that together make our dream team. Some have been with us for many years. Some joined just before the pandemic struck. But they all share the same commitment and enthusiasm.

We like to think they grace us with such commitment because we do our absolute best to take care of them. We invest in our colleagues and place great importance on their personal and professional development. In return they reward us with brilliant teamwork, outstanding service provision and greater client satisfaction.

Initiatives such as the Living Wage, our Employee Assistance Programme, and our Facilicom Awards keep them focused and show them just how much we value their work. But how do we keep up this momentum? After one of the hardest years many of us have ever experienced, how do we keep morale high? With the pandemic far from over, how do we continue to motivate our teams in 2021?

As I have mentioned in previous posts, we have a remarkable set of challenges to overcome as well as opportunities to take a fresh approach.

Something we have always championed, but has become even more crucial in the past 12-months, is mental health. We have always had a number of provisions in place to safeguard our colleagues’ wellbeing, but over the past year, we’ve tried even harder to let our team know that we’re here for them. For those still working on the front line, putting their personal concerns to one side, to the individuals on furlough, our mental health first aiders have been checking in with them and giving them the help and support they need.

We have also launched an ‘Inspirational Toolkit’, which is packed full of stories from colleagues, along with useful tips and practical advice to guide people through this challenging time – both professionally and personally.  It features a raft of support tools, from training modules on working together online and mindfulness, to working from home and wellbeing advice. Many of our colleagues also provided short video clips to talk about how they were managing lockdown. And we even created our very own Facilicom Video Call Bingo – a light hearted game to prevent colleagues from getting bogged down with virtual meetings. The toolkit has been extremely well received by our teams and we hope to use it well into the future, beyond our pandemic days. 

We’re also sharing and celebrating our successes even more than before. I’ve been so proud of the feedback we’ve received from clients praising the sheer determination of our teams, despite the challenging conditions. We’ve also had recognition from those outside the industry, who may have before disregarded our profession. We’re now valued and respected for the role we’ve played, and will continue to play, in infection control.

At the end of this week, I will once again host our annual kick off meeting. Usually we gather the whole team, from each corner of the country, and join together to mark the start of a new year, present awards, celebrate achievements and outline focus for the year ahead. This time  we will join together virtually, but the same uplifting, inspirational focus, including motivational words from a celebrity guest speaker, will remain. We’ll be sharing more on this across our social media channels and in next month’s blog, so watch this space!

Times are still tough, and 2021 won’t be easy, but a New Year brings hope. And if we stick together as a team, and support one another through the rocky bits, I’m sure we will continue to succeed.

I’d love to hear what you have planned to motivate your colleagues this year.

Jan Hein Hemke
Managing Director at Facilicom UK & Ireland