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Year 2020
3 Aug 3 August

Blog | The importance of hitting the pause button

The events of recent months have seen many of us dramatically change our work life routine. From trading our busy office environment for the home office or dining table, stepping away from professi...

17 Apr17 April

Blog | Celebrating our industry’s heroes

For as long as I can remember, the cleaning and hygiene industry has battled to portray its value in society. To many outside the sector, the role of a cleaner is often dismissed as low-skilled and...

14 Feb14 February

Blog | Kicking off an inspirational new decade

They say knowledge is power. And it certainly is. Sharing insights with each other leads to stronger collaboration and better teamwork. I’m a firm believer in communicating our learnings and bein...

Year 2019
20 Dec20 December

Blog | Adding extra sparkle this Christmas

It’s that time of year again. The tree is up, the party season is in full swing and people are preparing for a well-earned break from work, with many sectors closing their doors on Christmas Eve.

13 Nov13 November

Blog | #LivingWageWeek

This week marks #LivingWageWeek, a celebration of the movement to ensure hundreds of thousands of low paid workers receive a pay rise because of the #LivingWage.

29 Oct29 October

Blog | It's time to talk about stress

Today marks the start of International Stress Awareness Week, which exists to promote stress prevention and wellbeing. The ‘s’ word is something many people avoid talking about, yet it affects ...

16 Oct16 October

Blog | The importance of saying thank you

As the phrase goes, manners cost nothing. If someone goes out of their way to help you on a personal level you would express your gratitude without hesitation. But when it comes to the working worl...