Facilicom UK to increasingly focus on the private sector

22 May 2014

The economy in the United Kingdom is showing signs of cautious growth and the prospects are good. This is perceptible for Facilicom as well. The company accordingly experienced an increase in turnover in the current reporting year. The security services result declined somewhat, while the cleaning services result increased, causing the total return to remain stable.

Facilicom Cleaning Services experienced some difficulty acquiring new contracts in the first half of 2013, but managed to score a number of new contracts, including two large ones, by the end of the year. This is excellent turnover, which will, however, only be recognised in 2014. The cleaning services company managed to improve its return, in part due to its strong focus on efficiency and smarter operations.

Trigion UK posted a growth of approximately 6 percent. Once again this year, the company managed to acquire shopping centre security contracts. The security services company has invested in project management and in quality and efficiency. The cleaning services company and the security services company are increasingly benefiting from each other. This was the reason for combining both sales departments, with specialists in each discipline. They also provide the fixed point of contact for the large FM companies serviced by the cleaning and security companies.

Facilicom UK has decided to increasingly shift its focus to the private sector. Contracts in the government sector are tendered on the basis of a European tender. As a result price is often the primary tendering criterion. This is also true in the United Kingdom. Facilicom, on the other hand, focuses on providing quality and added value and aims to develop good relationships with clients so that it can better anticipate their real needs. This is motivating Facilicom UK to increasingly focus its sales efforts on the business sector.