Facilicom UK and Ireland's profit in cleaning and security segments doubles

25 April 2017

Facilicom UK and Ireland last year saw its profit double in the cleaning as well as security segment. Turnover also increased in 2016. This was primarily due to the cleaning activities, which increased considerably in magnitude. Director Jan Hein Hemke: "Excellent performance by a growing organisation. Our ambition for 2017 is continued growth."

The profit in the security segment can be explained by the increase in electronic security solutions. The increasing turnover and profit of Facilicom UK and Ireland's cleaning services was primarily due to a large contract portfolio acquired in mid-2015 that in 2016 fully participated in turnover and profit. Due to this acquisition, over 900 employees were added during that period.

Investing in the Organisation
Because the organisation in the UK and Ireland significantly increased in size in 2016, considerable investment was made in professionalising the organisation in the area of quality, including employee health and safety. Hemke: "We have appointed a HSEQ Director focused on health, safety, environmental aspects and quality within the organisation. We also obtained the ISO 18001 certificate." In addition, a Director Development was appointed in 2016. The Director Development's task is to coach management, train all Facilicom UK employees using e-training modules and to stimulate business development.

New Client Approach
The differing maturity of Facilicom UK and Ireland also provides for a shift in Facilicom UK and Ireland's client portfolio. The company is increasingly attracting large clients, with different client demands and requirements. In 2016, the client approach was adjusted accordingly, especially in the cleaning services division. A client has two points of contact: a client manager who together with the client looks ahead to determine which solutions can contribute to a clean and safe environment. And a service delivery manager who supervises the operation and the quality of the services. "These require different competencies. We want to deploy our people on the basis of their strengths," says Hemke.

Market Developments

A great deal has happened in the market in which Facilicom UK and Ireland operates. First there is Brexit. "That created unrest," says Jan Hein Hemke. "The expectation is that the immigration of low-skilled workers will decrease. This represents a risk for us. Definitely because there is a scarcity on the job market. At 4.7%, unemployment in the United Kingdom has seldom been this low." Second, there is the minimum wage debate. The British government is attempting to increase these wages. In terms of the hourly rates, this represents an increase of 35% over a period of five years up to 2020. In 2016, hourly rates rose by more than 10%. "We extensively consulted our clients on this development in order to jointly come up with solutions."

Outlook for 2017
Solutions will primarily consist of providing smart combinations of security services. Facilicom UK and Ireland has a unique position in Great Britain in relation to the integration of personal security and technology. This is why the focus in 2017 will be on an accelerated growth of 50% for the Security Services Division. Continued growth is the goal for the cleaning division.