Facilicom sees slight increase in turnover and profit

28 May 2015

Facilities service provider Facilicom Services Group from Schiedam in the Netherlands saw a slight increase in consolidated group turnover and net profit in 2014. In 2014, the consolidated turnover amounted to EUR 1,030 million compared to EUR 1,018 million in 2013. Net profit increased from EUR 22.2 million in 2013 to EUR 23.4 million in 2014. The family business announced these figures on its new website:jaarverslag2014.facilicom.nl (Dutch). For English click here.

The number of square metres in use in office buildings in the Netherlands continues to decrease strongly. Organisations employ increasingly fewer office employees, more often use flexible accommodation arrangements resulting in fewer workplaces and are providing increased opportunities to work at home or on-site.  Reduced floor space automatically reduces the demand for facilities services and consequently results in continued contraction and price competition.

Trend towards comprehensive outsourcing
On the other hand, a continuing trend is that clients are increasingly paying attention to other distinguishing elements, such as quality, image and responsible market behaviour, but this is still a minority of the market. "We also see that within the contracting market, the demand for comprehensive service provision is growing," says Hans Gennissen, president director of the Facilicom Services Group. "Clients want to be relieved of all their facilities-related tasks on the basis of a single contract. Facilicom is one of the few facilities service providers in the Netherlands that can provide this, because we have all soft and hard services in-house."

Growth potential in care and welfare
With the transfer of many care and welfare services from the central government to municipalities, the care market is in a high state of flux. Municipalities are struggling to organise these new assigned tasks. This presents many opportunities for parties that are new to this market, such as Facilicom's Incluzio Care Services Division. After all, the demand for care will continue to grow due to social developments, while budgets will remain under pressure. For creative and innovative providers, this creates opportunities to maintain the quality of care at lower costs on the basis of a modern, business-oriented approach. "Together with strong partners in the care services and social domain, we are already active in the country's four large municipalities."

Increasing client satisfaction
"2015 is expected to be another challenging year. We do not expect market conditions for facilities services to improve in the Netherlands. Our aim is to keep turnover on level again in 2015. The focus is therefore primarily on client orientation, because clients are using fewer square metres but demand better-quality service provision.

By encouraging further-reaching comprehensiveness of our service provision and as a result of the continued development of our regular business processes, we can satisfy these demands well and that should result in a higher retention rate," Hans Gennissen said in an explanation of the annual figures.