Blog | Simple and effective

9 January 2018

In business, and perhaps life in general, people are often seeking the next ‘big idea’, something that will change lives. This is a commendable way to ensure progress, but it’s worth remembering that, in some circumstances, the simple option is the best.

A good example of that at Facilicom is our logbook. This is a key communications tool with our cleaning operatives, reminding them of our policies and working practices, including safe working, in an easily accessible and understandable format.

Our logbooks are also used to allow communications between clients and the cleaning operatives, who may be working at different times. It has a calendar section so each can leave the other messages in a simple and timely manner. Before starting work, our cleaning operatives will always check the logbook for any special requests or requirements and amend their planned activities accordingly.

The A4 hardback books last all year and we wouldn’t be without them. Personal digital assistants and tablets have their place, but we think being able to quickly write down a message and move on is the perfect solution. Managers also read the comments so they are fully informed of how things are going and able to identify any patterns or changes needed.

Clients and cleaners recognise this simple way of keeping each other informed about events helps to increase mutual understanding, improve response times and pro-activity. In short this means communications are raised to a higher level than might be expected in the contract cleaning environment.

I don’t think people should stop striving for improvements, but it’ll take a lot to convince me that this simple and effective communications tool isn’t the best option in this situation.

Jan Hein Hemke,
Managing Director at Facilicom UK & Ireland