Blog | It's time to talk about stress

29 October 2019

Today marks the start of International Stress Awareness Week, which exists to promote stress prevention and wellbeing. The ‘s’ word is something many people avoid talking about, yet it affects so many of us.

Tension can come from anywhere. In our professional lives, heavy workloads or poor time management can impact on our wellbeing. And pressures at home, financial worries and relationship struggles can also contribute to our stress levels.

Traditionally, it’s been frowned upon to bring your personal concerns into work. We’ve taught ourselves to leave our private worries in the office car park and focus on the job in hand. But the reality is, stress cannot be isolated. It can’t be contained or ignored while we simply get on with our day.

Stress from work can affect our home lives, and pressures from home can spill over into the office. The two overlap constantly and without the right support networks in place, the situation can spiral very quickly.

As an employer, I believe that our people are our prime asset. Without an effective workforce, many organisations would grind to a halt. So it makes perfect sense to protect their health and ensure that any stress, regardless of where it comes from, is addressed.

This is why at Facilicom, we give each of our colleagues access to an Employee Assistance Programme, which provides them with a trusted, compassionate, health and wellbeing network. We offer our staff 24/7 access to counselling, where they can discuss any physical, mental, social or financial issues that might adversely affect their work performance, health or wellbeing. The programme crosses over the barrier that separates work and private life, as that is the only way real balance can truly be achieved. On a personal level, my door is always open to any colleague that may be feeling the pressure or is struggling with a mental health issue. 

We have placed wellbeing at the heart of our operations. Our view is that if we take care of our people, they will take care of our business and repay us with dedication and motivation. And most importantly, happiness.

Jan Hein Hemke,
Managing Director at Facilicom UK & Ireland