Blog | “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

18 December 2018

This time of year is synonymous with fun, festivities and high spirits, as Christmas Day edges ever closer. Probably the biggest Christian festival of the year, activity is heightened everywhere and children’s excitement for Santa’s visit grows. There are also festive rituals, parties, food, drink and presents to be shared, and for some, a well-earned break from work.

However, for those working in our industries, both security and cleaning, the festive period is one of the busiest, and perhaps most stressful, times of the year. As many businesses wind down for the Christmas break, the requirement for security increases to ensure that unoccupied premises are kept safe and secure. Our dedicated security officers give up celebrations with their families on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve to watch over clients’ properties, whilst we enjoy ourselves.

Professional cleaning operatives also feel the pressure during December’s festivities – for where there is merriment, there is also mess, which must be cleaned in order to maintain high health and safety standards. For every party or celebration taking place in our restaurants, hotels and pubs across the country, there is a cleaning team waiting to clear up after them. Bustling shopping centres see a sharp increase of shoppers in the run up to Christmas and the ensuing ‘Boxing Day sales’, which results in more dirt and mess and the need for cleaning and security officers to keep the retail space clean, safe and secure.

Whilst schools, colleges and universities close for the Christmas break, our cleaning colleagues take this opportunity to undertake deep cleans whilst the facilities are empty of students. Hospitals continue operating 24/7, 365 days a year – and along with the many doctors, nurses and healthcare workers, our professional cleaning operatives are also there, playing their part in keeping the settings clean and hygienic, whilst security officers ensure the safety of patients, visitors and workers inside.

Cleaning operatives can all too often be undervalued by the people they clean for and the wider public, but the truth is they play a crucial role in working life, ensuring that buildings are clean and hygienic for the people who visit them. The same is true for security officers, their job is incredibly important, and without them our safety would be severely compromised. At Facilicom, we believe it is important to recognise the vital work that our colleagues do – especially at Christmas, when they sacrifice time and festivities with their families to do this. What’s more, their journeys to work at this time are often more difficult due to limited public transport.

I’d therefore like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of our colleagues working on the front line this Christmas. Your efforts do not go unnoticed, not now, nor at any time of the year.

Jan Hein Hemke
Managing Director at Facilicom UK & Ireland