Blog | Brushing up inter-personal skills for success

18 October 2018

The way we live and work is constantly evolving, and so, it seems, is the way we communicate. Thanks to the digital and technological evolution, together with millennials entering the workplace, social skills seem to be deteriorating – despite people being more connected than ever via our smartphones and social media platforms.

I am a big fan of recruiting ‘young blood’ to join our company. Younger people, such as those born in the millennial and ‘Gen Z’ generation, offer many skills. As well as being digitally able, they bring a fresh perspective to business. They also recognise the importance of a good work / life balance which drives a healthier culture across the entire company.

However, it has been suggested that they are a generation that can lack inter-personal skills and confidence at human interaction. Last year, a One Poll study of 2,000 millennials found that 65% don’t feel comfortable engaging with someone face-to-face, 80% prefer conversing digitally, and, worryingly, 62% feel a sense of dread while speaking on the phone to clients and customers at work.

Whether this is an issue purely affecting the millennial generation is unclear. It may well be a general trend – in fact, I find myself receiving far more emails than phone calls these days from people of all ages, not just the younger generation. What is clear though, is that millennials, Gen-Z, and, indeed, all colleagues, need support in developing and honing their inter-personal skills. It is these attributes that can really make a difference in business, from winning and retaining new contracts, to adding value for our clients.

At Facilicom, we call this Hostmanship (or the ‘art of making people feel welcome’). It is something we embed across our entire workforce from management level right through to on-site staff. Each of our colleagues receives training in Hostmanship – instilling in them people skills, and the confidence to communicate and engage with colleagues, clients and customers effectively, and with a smile, ultimately providing a first rate service.

This practical philosophy goes further than customer care, encompassing quality, friendship and hospitality, Hostmanship introduces a caring, yet professional, approach to our work, as well as helping our colleagues to see the ‘bigger picture.’ It is this key skill, running through all of our colleagues, that sets us apart and contributes to our success.

Jan Hein Hemke.
Managing Director at Facilicom UK & Ireland