Blog | Actions speak louder than words

5 June 2019

Anyone who knows me will realise that I love winter mountaineering. It’s one of my lifelong hobbies and I’ve travelled around the world to visit some of the most beautiful glaciers and ice caps. We’re incredibly lucky to have such fantastic natural beauty surrounding us. But when you’re stood on a mountain, completely engaged with the environment, it’s extremely clear to see what we could quite easily lose.

On a recent visit to Norway, I was shocked to see how rapidly the glaciers are retreating. You can see where they would have been just 20 years ago and where they are now. And the distance is bewildering.

World Environment Day encourages awareness and action. We talk a lot about saving the planet and protecting our environment but when it comes to making a real change, we need to act - not talk. I simply cannot accept that we, as humans, cannot make a difference. We all need to make behavioural changes. It won’t happen overnight, but small yet consistent steps in the right direction are key.

Personally I have made strives to be more environmentally friendly, from switching to a hybrid car to going ‘meat-free’ twice a week. When it comes to business, we also have a responsibility to protect our planet. As a service provider, we must consider the consequences that our practices and operations have on the environment.

Within the cleaning sector, we need to be aware of the damage caused to the environment through carbon emissions. At Facilicom, we are incredibly proud to lead the industry on this matter. We work closely with our sustainable solutions partner, Ethical Nation Ltd, to minimise our running costs and grow our positive environmental profile. One way we do this is through our revolutionary carbon neutral cleaning system, C2Zero. This system can calculate the precise carbon impact of every aspect of our service. By understanding and measuring this, we are able to fully offset the environmental impact and return the whole cleaning process on site to a carbon neutral position. We want our operations to be completely carbon free, so we offer this service as part of our standard package for customers. This ensures that doing business with Facilicom is beneficial commercially, socially and environmentally.

Facilicom is also committed to reducing the amount of harmful materials, the volume of chemicals used, and the quantity of waste. We work with suppliers to develop chemical-free cleaning products, to reuse machinery and equipment to give it a longer life, and to reduce the amount of material sent to landfill or ending up in our oceans and waterways. We are proud to be a net zero carbon emitter and we also hold the neutralcarbonzoneTM accreditation for our ‘measure, reduce & offset’ approach.

As a business our focus is on continual improvement. In addition to further reducing our emission levels, we also continue to roll out our ‘no impact’ ethos across our entire operations. Slowly but surely, we hope that our efforts will go some way towards making a difference to the future of our planet. An issue that businesses should always keep front of mind.

Jan Hein Hemke.
Managing Director at Facilicom UK & Ireland